About Us

Nomady’s has a deep history of deliverying exceptional projects to clients across multiple industries.

The Nomady's Story

“I had a passion for media and cameras since an early age. As a child, I was always borrowing my family’s digital video camera and making movies anywhere I could for the family. After getting a taste for the media industry in school, I went to University and came out with a First-Class Degree in Media Production, and invested in equipment of my own to start working as a freelancer.


Soon after this, I found a full-time role in a small media start-up that created content specifically for YouTube. I created high-level professional content, and got to learn valuable insights about the rapidly evolving realm of online content creation, including viewer engagement, analytics, marketing and branding, as well as working with some of the biggest technology companies in the world.


Having absorbed the last few years’ worth of experience and knowledge, I moved to working full-time as a self-employed, content creation business. One of my passions (after content creation) is travel, and being able to work all over the world with a variety of people and places is extremely exciting to me, and means I am fully flexible and adaptable for any client, as well as fulfilling one of my own goals of being nomadic and never needing to stay in one place, hence the word “NOMADY


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How We Work

We guide all our clients through a proven process to help you define your vision and bring it to life.


We’ll have one or two meetings online to discuss what you’re looking for and devise a plan and execution strategy for your requirements.


Once you’re happy, I’ll go create the content! Of course I’m always available if there are further discussions to be had during the production process.

Delivery &

Once I’m ready, I’ll show you what I have and make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the result. Occasionally, this may mean some amendments and additional requests from you to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but once you’re happy, I’ll send you everything you need and it’s job done.

Why Choose Nomady's For Your Project

NOMADY’S Business is not just a content creation service, it’s a creative experience that you are as involved in as me. From start to finish you will have my full attention, communication and support, alongside my unique insights and experience in social media and online content creation that will make your content stand out from the rest. There’s a reason so many businesses are investing in digital content for their branding and marketing nowadays, because consistent, engaging content is key to making an impact in a world where screens and adverts dominate most of our lives. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is one thing, being able to execute it is another. So drop me a message and let’s see what I can do for you!